All my prices are bespoke, depending on your specific needs. However, we all like a price guide, so below you’ll find prices for my services as a writer, an editor and a content creator. It’s always worth discussing your project with me so we can tailor your package.


As a writer and an editor, my package prices are defined by the time dedicated to your project as well as the subject matter of the writing.

As a content creator, my prices are per webpage. The prices do not include writing or editing content for a “blog”, “learn” or “education” page.

The Writer: Prices vary between £450 and £750*, depending on the article or blog post theme and length.

*Prices quoted are for 3 articles. Prices start at £450 for 3 short (500 words) pieces on themes I do not specialise in. If you require longer articles (c. 1,500 words) on topics I do specialise in, prices increase to £750.

The Editor: Prices vary between £300 and £600*, depending on whether you need a Deep Edit or a Lite-touch.

*Prices quoted are for 3 articles (up to c. 1,500 words).

The Content Creator: Prices vary, depending on whether you need new copy written or existing copy edited and how wordy you’d like your webpage to be! As a rough guide, I charge £100 for a c. 500-word “About Us” page if you provide details about your company’s story.

If you’re looking for a combination of writing and editing services that go beyond my packages, send me a message and I can design a unique package for you.

Independent Pieces:

Many of my clients hire me to write (and self-edit) a handful of articles and blog posts. Prices are around £200 per article but vary depending on the content, desired length and turnaround time.

Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.