A selection of articles and blog posts I’ve written.


A Lesson in Kindness (Picaro World)

EdTech for the iGeneration (EdTech Lobby)

When Will Sex Be Good Again? (personal blog)

Keep Calm and Keep Reading (EdTech Lobby)

Boris’ Speech: A Version for Children – Lockdown, March 2020 (Picaro World)

A Letter to Parents – Lockdown, March 2020 (Picaro World)

We Need to Talk about Mike and Heidi (personal blog)

The Dangers of ‘Neat and Tucked In’ (personal blog)

How Sustainable are your Clothes? (Trippy Panther)

Kink in Quarantine (personal blog)


Inbox Zero (EdTech Lobby)

The Busy Trap (EdTech Lobby)

Leadership (personal blog)

Things to Consider before a Career Change (personal blog)

Writer’s Block? Here’s how to Overcome it (EdTech Lobby)

Women’s Health

Sexual Wellness: The Market That’s Approaching Second Base (Nulune Consultancy)

Sex, CBD and Me: How CBD Can Enhance Your Sex Life (Trippy Panther)

The Menopause and CBD (Trippy Panther)

Sex Education

Sex-Education: Are we Doing Enough? (LinkedIn article for EdTech Lobby)

How can you be a Feminist as a Submissive? (

The Art of a D/s Relationship (Torture Garden)

The Dangers of ‘Neat and Tucked In’ (personal blog)

How to Explore BDSM whilst in Quarantine (Torture Garden)


Fumbling Around with Phonics (Picaro World)

The Importance of Positive Feedback – and how to give it (Picaro World)

How to Elevate Reading Sessions with your Child (EdTech Lobby)

PAGS for Teachers (EdTech Lobby and PAGS partnership)

Back to School: Making it Easier (EdTech Lobby)

Variety in Learning (Picaro World)

EdTech for the iGeneration (EdTech Lobby)

You’ll Break the Rules (Picaro World)


Behind the Brand: The Artist (Trippy Panther)

Behind the Brand: The Ambassador (Trippy Panther)

A Day in the Life of… The CEO (EdTech Lobby)

NSFW: Sub Space House (personal blog)

Behind the Scenes (Trippy Panther)


Battlefield (personal blog)

Those Chaotic Twenties (personal blog)

The Silent Couple (personal blog)

A Cocoon (personal blog)

The Passion she Found in that Room (personal blog)

These Hands (personal blog)

Other Formats

Scriptwriter of Cinema and Chill, Winter Vacation (I & II), Tied Up, Love Abroad, Selfcare Sunday (I & II), Playing with Dante IV and First Day (audio stories on the app Emjoy)